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800A diagram microprocessor control specs
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Automatic Transfer Switch
ASCO Series 300SE
30-2000 amp, 2 & 3 pole
with generator exerciser
and Service Entrance Disconnect


Series 300SE Service Entrance Power Transfer Switches

The ASCO Service Entrance Power Transfer Switch combines automatic power switching with a utility circuit breaker as a disconnect device. The power transfer switch meets all National Electrical Code requirements for installation as service entrance equipment.

Service entrance rated transfer switches generally are installed at facilities that have a single utility feed and a single emergency power source. A circuit breaker serves as the utility disconnect and links are provided to connect both neutral and ground conductors.

The ASCO 300SE Service Entrance Automatic Transfer Switch uses the same reliable transfer switching mechanism, and controller as the series 300 product platform, and also includes a utility circuit breaker as a disconnect devic  Made in USA  

Product Features:

* Suitable for use as service entrance equipment.
* The ASCO Series 300SE is listed to UL 891 standard for Dead-Front Switchboards, and meets
   all NEC requirements for service entrance equipment.
* Automatic Transfer Switch is listed to UL 1008 for total system loads.
* Sizes available from 150 through 3000 amps.
* Available to 600 VAC, 50 or 60Hz, single or three phase.
* Circuit Breaker disconnect on the normal for isolation of transfer switch and other electrical equipment.
* Disconnect link on Neutral and Ground.
* Silver plated copper ground and neutral bus.
* Solderless screw type terminals for External Power Connections.
* Ground fault trip protection provided on sizes of 1000 amperes and above.
* UL approved Type 1 enclosure.
* Available with solid or switched neutral.
* Optional TVSS Available on Normal, Emergency and /or Load.

Microprocessor Controller

The ASCO Microprocessor Controller is used with all sizes of Power Transfer Switches. It represents the most reliable microprocessor controller in the industry and includes, as standard, all of the voltage, frequency, control, timing and connectivity functions required for most emergency and standby power applications.

The easy-to-read flush-mounted control and display panel provides LED indicators for switch position and source availability. It also includes test and time-delay bypass switches

Performance Features:

* 600 volt spacing per UL and CSA standards.
* Interfacing relays are industrial grade, plug-in type with dust covers.
* Meets or exceeds the requirements for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). 
* ANSI C37.90A/IEEE472 Voltage Surge Test
* NEMA ICS-109.21 Impulse Withstand Test
* Digital circuitry isolated from line voltages
* IEC 801-2 Electrostatic discharge (ESD) immunity
* ENV50140 and IEC 803-1: Radiated electromagnetic field immunity 
* IEC 801-4 Electrical fast transient (EFT) immunity
* ENV50142 Surge transient immunity
* ENV50141: Conducted radio-frequency field immunity
* EN55011: Group 1, Class A conducted and radiated emissions
* Optically isolated RS-485 Serial Port
* EN61000- 4-11 voltage dips and interruptions immunity .


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Ordering Table

Model No. Amps Poles Enclosure Price
$ US
Add to Shopping Cart
3AUSA2100-1C 100 2 NEMA 1 $3,646
free freight

3AUSA3100-1C 100 3 NEMA 1 $3,833
free freight

3AUSA2100-1F 100 2 NEMA 3R $4,215
free freight

3AUSA3100-1F 100 3 NEMA 3R $4,402
free freight

3AUSA2150-1C 150 2 NEMA 1 $4,123
free freight

3AUSA3150-1C 150 3 NEMA 1 $4,250
free freight

3AUSA2150-1F 150 2 NEMA 3R $4,692
free freight

3AUSA3150-1F 150 3 NEMA 3R $4,819
free freight

3AUSA2200-1C 200 2 NEMA 1 $4,305
free freight

3AUSA3200-1C 200 3 NEMA 1 $4,583
free freight

3AUSA2200-1F 200 2 NEMA 3R $4,874
free freight

3AUSA3200-1F 200 3 NEMA 3R $5,152
free freight

3AUSA2400-1C 400 2 NEMA 1 $5,873
free freight

3AUSA3400-1C 400 3 NEMA 1 $6,220
free freight

3AUSA2400-1F 400 2 NEMA 3R $6,632
free freight

3AUSA3400-1F 400 3 NEMA 3R $6,977
free freight

3AUSA2600-1C 600 2 NEMA 1 $7,703
free freight

3AUSA3600-1C 600 3 NEMA 1 $7,941
free freight

3AUSA2600-1F 600 2 NEMA 3R $8,887
free freight

3AUSA3600-1F 600 3 NEMA 3R $9,125
free freight

3AUSA-11CD Deluxe Exerciser $268  
3AUSA-14/AA 2 Auxiliary Contacts $113  
3AUSA-72A Serial Communications $427  



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