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Standby Generator Set EM15
Briggs & Stratton® EmPower Home Standby
15000W running, 18500W surge on LP
14000W running, 17000W surge on NG
(see below for choice of transfer switches)


Whether you are home or away, the EmPower™ Series Automatic Home Generator System provides fully automatic protection from power outages.  Advanced electronics continually monitor utility power.  When an outage occurs, it starts the generator and automatically switches from utility power to generator power.  Electrical power is restored without effort, in seconds.  When utility power is restored, the system senses it, transfers service back to the utility, shuts down the generator and resumes monitoring.  It's all automatic.  No worries, no hassles.  Assembled in the USA.  Vanguard engine is made in JAPAN.

Gives you automatic, uninterupted power for home essentials:

     * Lights
     * Furnace Fan
     * Refrigerator/Freezer
     * Garage Door Opener
     * Security System
     * Humidifier/Dehumidifier
     * Entertainment System
     * Sump Pump
     * Water Well
     * Microwave

High Value Features to Keep You Running

Fully Automatic - Advanced electronics will detect a utility power outage and automatically start the generator whether you are home or away. (Our manual 7kW generator offers an affordable option with remote start. You just flip a switch located inside your home.)

Continuous Fuel Supply - A permanent connection to natural gas or propane delivers uninterrupted performance with no messy gasoline storage and refueling.

Contemporary, Space-Saving Design - Offers a compact yet functional design for location flexibility and an attractive, subtle yard presence.

Quiet Operation - Engineered air passages, an automotive-style exhaust system and acoustic foam dampeners ensure quiet operation.

Durable Outdoor Enclosure - Each EmPower system features professional rustproofing and premium Storm Grey automotive paint for maximum durability and all-weather protection.

Turn Key Extras - Each EM Series system includes an automotive battery/battery charger, hour meter, and installation pad. The engine also comes pre-filled with synthetic oil and is broken in at the factory, saving you time & money.



Engine Make Premium OHV Briggs & Stratton Vanguard V-Twin
Engine Type 4-cycle, air cooled, with full pressure lubrication
Engine Displacement 895cc
Sound Level 65dbA @ 7 meters
AC Output Voltage 120/240VAC, 1 phase
AC Output Frequency 60Hz
AC Output Power - running/surge 15,000 watts running/18,500 surge on LP
14,000 watts running/17,000 surge on NG
AC Output Current - running 125/62.5 amps running on LP
116/58.3 amps running on NG
Alternator brushless low-maintenance alternator
Motor Starting Capability will start one 4 ton central air conditioning unit
(NOTE: Will also start about half of all 5 central air conditioning units, using a hard-start kit on A/C compressor motor helps)
Battery 12V (included)
Control System - automatic remote starting
- oil high temperature
- low oil pressure
- overcrank fail to start
- overspeed
- transfer switch fault
- low AC voltage
- low AC frequency
- low battery voltage
- running time meter
- AC circuit breaker
- DC control fuse
Remote Indications - Remote LED panel included
- contacts provided for remote alarms/indications
Cold weather options (thermostatically controlled) - oil warmer
- battery warmer
Fuel Consumption - LP Vapor
(11-14 in.W.C. pressure at full load req'd)
124,044 Btu/h at half load
Fuel Consumption - natural gas
(5-7 in.W.C. pressure at full load req'd)
124,942 Btu/h at half load
Dimensions L x W x H 48" x 33" x 30.5"
Weight 480 lbs.

Automatic Transfer Switches

Model 1813 1928 1814 1929
Circuits 1
(whole house)
(whole house)
(whole house)
(whole house)
Maximum Amps 100 100 200 200
Service Entrance Rated (with disconnect) no yes no yes
Voltage 120/240VAC 120/240VAC 120/240VAC 120/240VAC
Switch type mechanically held mechanically held mechanically held mechanically held
Enclosure NEMA 3R
indoor or outdoor
indoor or outdoor
indoor or outdoor
indoor or outdoor
Dimensions D x W x H 6" x 12" x 16" 6" x 12" x 22" 7" x 16" x 22" 7" x 16" x 30"
Weight 21 lbs. 37 lbs. 34 lbs. 64 lbs.


Automatic Transfer Switches

BS-ATS-diag.gif (140360 bytes)
Click to enlarge electrical diagram

Fully Automatic
All of our switches monitor utility and generator voltages and will automatically connect to the appropriate source of power.  The 100 amp and 200 amp switches are capable of "whole house" power transfer in residential and small business applications.  For whole house applications the switch amp rating must equal or exceed the utility service rating.

Safety Features
All switch models are solenoid-operated from utility or generator inputs and contain electrical interlock switches to eliminate the possibility of dangerous back feed to utility during an outage.  Switches are listed to UL Standard 1008.



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Pick options using dropdown menus before pressing button...
1-Select proper switch for your application
2-Optional A/C Control Module manages generator load and only allows start of central air conditioner when adequate spare capacity is available.  Reduces chance of generator overload and shutdown due to unexpected start of A/C unit during periods of high generator load.  Not available for 50A switches.
3-Optional built-in service entrance disconnect eliminates need for external disconnect when installing switch directly downstream of utility meter.  Reduces installation time and cost of extra external disconnect.  Not available for 50A switches.
4-Select cold weather package for reliable starting below freezing.
5-Optional maintenance kit.  Includes oil, filters, plugs, etc.
6-Select delivery method.


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