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Standby Generator Set
Coleman PowerStation with Honda engine
11500W standby rating

(on LP fuel, must derate for natural gas)


The easy way to protect you and your family or small business...

Without a doubt we live in an electricity dependent culture, one that understands the need for a reliable and constant supply of power.  When power outages occur they leave people feeling insecure and unprotected.

Coleman Powermate
provides security and protection from power outages with a complete array of quiet & dependable backup power solutions. With backup power, your home or business stays warm & well lighted, so you and your guests stay comfortable.  Sump and water pumps keep running to protect against flooding or freezing.  Food stays fresh in the refrigerator.  And most importantly, the transfer of power is fully automatic.

Coleman Powermate and Honda Engines 

Coleman Powermate
You can have peace of mind, knowing that during a power outage your Coleman Powermate PowerStation will activate to provide the power necessary to run vital electrical loads, such as:

- refrigerator/freezer - microwave - lighting - heating/air conditioning
- security system - computer - pumps - entertainment center


Features of Coleman Powermate Backup Systems... 

AUTOMATIC - Continuously monitors your electrical system and turns on automatically if power goes out. Turns itself off when power is restored.

CONVENIENT - Installed outside your home, takes up approximately the same space as a central air unit.

RELIABLE - Conducts bi-weekly self tests so you're assured of reliable operation.

* Runs on vapor propane, or natural gas.  Specify when ordering.

* High quality alternator with skewed laminations designed for low sine wave total
   harmonic distortion (THD) and is safe for sensitive electronic loads.

* Engine has high motor starting reserve capability.

* Advanced digital control manages generator set operation and fault detection.

* Sound attenuated weather enclosure designed for easy service access.

* Fully enclosed muffler integral to enclosure.

* Pre-mounted molded polymer installation base included.

* Full pressure lubrication, oil cooler and spin-on oil filter.

* Engine driven battery charger.

* Long standard warranty period.

  Click here to view a detailed spec sheet on this product in pdf format.

Engine Make Honda GX670 industrial
Engine Type 4-cycle, two cylinders, 90 deg V, air cooled
Engine Compression Ratio 8.3 to 1
Engine Displacement 671 cc
Engine Speed 3600 rpm at 60Hz
Engine Governor mechanical
Cooling Air Required 977 cfm
Oil Sump Capacity 1.5 qts. with filter
Sound Level <69dbA @ 7 meters
AC Output Voltage 120/240VAC 5%, 1 phase
AC Output Frequency 60Hz 5%
AC Output Current - rated 91.6/45.8 amps rated on LP
77.8/38.9 amps rated on natural gas
Temperature Range of Operation to 104F
AC Output Power at 77F(25C) and 0-500 ft elevation 11.5kW rated on LP
9.3kW rated on nat.gas
Derate total power 4% for each 1000 ft above 500 ft elevation and 1% for each 10F increase in temperature above 77F.
Alternator 2-pole 3600 rpm, 2/3 pitch winding for reduced harmonics (<5%), low wave form distortion (<7%), self voltage regulated design (+5%)
Motor Starting Capability 17kVA @ 70% voltage
Chargers 10 amps regulated, engine driven charger
3-stage 6A battery charger, powered from 120Vac
Battery 12V group 26, (not included)
Options Available - engine block heater kit #165-0259
  for reliable starting below freezing
- automatic transfer switches
Control System - standard 2-wire remote starting
- overcrank protection
- on/off/auto switch
- engine overtemperature protection
- battery condition monitoring
- engine oil pressure protection
- overspeed protection
- underspeed protection
- engine run time meter
- main line circuit breaker
Fuel Consumption - LP Vapor 25% load:  40 cu.ft/hr  1.1 gal/hr
50% load:  53 cu.ft/hr  1.4 gal/hr
75% load:  66 cu.ft/hr  1.8 gal/hr
full load:    81 cu.ft/hr  2.2 gal/hr
Fuel Consumption - natural gas 25% load:   75 cu.ft/hr
50% load:  103 cu.ft/hr
75% load:  135 cu.ft/hr
full load:    186 cu.ft/hr
Housing powder coated almond color over 16 ga steel with sound attenuating material factory installed
Dimensions L x W x H 43" x 33" x 27" with base
Weight 478 lbs.
Warranty 3 years/1500 hours

Note that any standard 2-wire control automatic transfer switch will work with this genset with ratings from 60 amps to 200 amps, both indoor and outdoor rated.  Switch has to be ordered separately and cost is not included in genset price.   Click here to see switch cross reference list.

Dual 12Vdc positive fuel lock-off solenoid valves for added safety are included with genset.  However, the flexible fuel line and fuel strainer (if desired) are not included and should be provided by gas installer.


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For reliable starting in below-freezing temperatures add 120Vac 100W block heater, part #165-0259.
Requires 7-11 inches of water column fuel supply pressure.

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