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Standby Generator Set
Winco with Briggs engine
8000W standby rating

(on LP fuel, must derate for natural gas)


Don't let the next power outage interrupt your life!  Stay comfortable and secure with a dependable back up power system from WINCO. Providing power solutions since 1927.  Assembled in the USA.  Vanguard engine is made in JAPAN.

Automatic Packaged Standby Systems Designed For Homes, Businesses and Industrial Applications.

Why Buy An Automatic Standby System?

An automatic standby generator is a permanently installed, fully automatic emergency generator system that continuously monitors the incoming utility power supply. The system is designed to automatically furnish electrical power to pre-selected circuits in your home that supply your lighting, heating and cooling, appliances and water. There’s no need for extension cords, gasoline cans for refueling, or manual start pull ropes because WINCO’s Packaged Standby System supplies back up electric power automatically.

Powered by premium engines, WINCO packaged standby systems are perfect for back up power. Sound attenuated, weather protective enclosures are made using galvanealed steel with a powder paint finish for long life durability. The solid state control system operates the generator automatically when signaled by the automatic transfer switch mounted next to your incoming service panel. Standard features include: cycle crank and overcrank limiting, engine start delay and engine cool down timing, hour meters and battery chargers.

Features of WINCO Automatic Standby Generators Home Standby Systems

• Easily installed outside new or existing homes 
• Generator set and components are factory built and tested
• Direct natural gas or LP fuel systems to NEMA standards
• Low maintenance 
• Sound attenuated housings constructed of galvannealed steel with durable baked
  powder paint finish keeps your generator attractive long into the future
• Emissions compliant
• Critical grade silencer for quieter operation

How Does The System Work?

• An automatic transfer switch (ATS) monitors your utility power and provides 100% isolation between your generator and the utility power. If the incoming power fails, the ATS will send a start signal to the generator set activating the automatic start system on the generator.
• After a short start delay the engine generator will start and begin supplying the ATS with emergency power. At this time, the ATS will transfer your connected distribution panel to the generator powering up your emergency circuits.
• Upon return of utility power, the ATS will transfer your connected distribution panel back to line power and discontinue the start signal to the generator. After a short cool down period the generator will stop and return to the standby mode awaiting the next power interruption.
• The WINCO Standby generator uses your own natural gas or LP fuel system. This provides you with a long continuous run time and unlimited run time in the case of natural gas.

  Click here to view a detailed spec sheet on this product in pdf format.

Engine Make Briggs & Stratton Vanguard
Engine Type 4-cycle, two cylinders, V twin, air cooled, 16 hp
Engine Displacement 480 cc
Engine Speed 3600 rpm at 60Hz
Engine Governor mechanical
Oil Sump Capacity 1.5 qts. with filter
Sound Level @ 7 meters 68dbA @ no load, 70dbA @ full load 
AC Output Voltage 120/240VAC ±5%, 1 phase
AC Output Frequency 60Hz ±5% no load to full load
AC Output Current - rated 33 amps rated on LP
30 amps rated on natural gas
AC Output Power at 77F(25C) and 0-500 ft elevation 8.0kW rated on LP
7.2kW rated on nat.gas
Derate total power 3.5% for each 1000 ft above sea level.
Alternator 2-pole 3600 rpm, rotating field brushless
Motor Starting Capability 4 hp code G capacitor start
Chargers 3-stage battery charger, powered from 120Vac
Battery 12V group U1, 235 cca (not included)
Options Available - engine heater
- vapor fuel filter (strainer)
- automatic transfer switches
Control System - standard 2-wire remote starting (included)
- electronic ignition
- overcrank protection
- engine oil pressure protection
- engine run time hour meter
- main line circuit breaker
Fuel Consumption - LP Vapor 50% load:  1.00 gal/hr
full load:    1.60 gal/hr
Fuel Consumption - natural gas 50% load:   95 cu.ft/hr
full load:    132 cu.ft/hr
Housing powder coated color over 16 ga galvanealed steel sound attenuated
Dimensions L x W x H 31" x 28" x 28"
Weight 364 lbs.
Warranty 2 years engine/1 year generator

Note that any standard 2-wire control automatic transfer switch will work with this genset with ratings to 200 amps, both indoor and outdoor rated.  Switch has to be ordered separately and cost is not included in genset price.


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Engine heater (use drop-down menu below)
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Generator rquires 7-11 inches of water column fuel supply pressure.
For reliable starting in below-freezing temperatures add engine heater and thermostat.
Your gas installer may also provide fuel strainer.

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