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Single-nozzle turbine with non-adjustable P.M. alternator Two-nozzle turbine showing valves and hose connections  (adjustable alternator shown) Bottom view of single-nozzle turbine Typical electrical system configuration
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Lo Power Engineering Hydroelectric Turbine Generator
non-adjustable P.M. alternator
with Pelton wheel & up to 4 nozzles

This hydroelectric battery charger uses a Harris cast bronze pelton wheel and a special permanent magnet alternator in a Harris powder coated aluminum housing.   This model is available with 1, 2 or 4 nozzles installed at the factory.   Nozzle(s) can be up to 1/2 inch in diameter.

Each hydroelectric system is custom-built to match your site specifications.  Hose connections to the nozzles allow for easy disassembly and/or tilting up the unit for inspection and cleaning.  Valves must be provided by installer.

These units come standard with a permanent magnet brushless alternator with no adjustability.  This permanent magnet (P.M.) alternator is more efficient than the old Motorcraft alternator, produces less heat, and therefore lasts longer.  Unit can be ordered for common 12Vdc, 24Vdc, 48Vdc and special 96Vdc for transmitting power long distances.

This unit will run for years before bearings need to be replaced.  Bearings are the commonly available #6203 sealed ball bearings.  Two are required and these can be purchased at many auto parts stores.

Maximum achievable power output is approximately 1500 watts.  Pressure and flow combinations resulting in a power higher than this may overheat the alternator and cause the permanent magnets to lose magnetism.  Made in USA  


versus nozzle size and head pressure
Note that the low pressure unit is more efficient at head pressures less than about 50 feet
but can be operated to same maximum pressures as standard unit.

(flow shown below is per nozzle)
FEET PSI 1/8" 3/16" 1/4" 5/16" 3/8" 7/16" 1/2"
46 20 --- --- --- --- 20W 13GPM 13% 34W 25GPM 16% 44W 33GPM 16%
69 30 --- --- 35W 9GPM 27% 87W 18GPM 44% 132W 23GPM 46% 184W 32GPM 47% 202W 42GPM 40%
100 43 --- 38W 7GPM 31% 104W 12GPM 47% 204W 19GPM 59% 281W 28GPM 57% 377W 37GPM 57% 423W 49GPM 48%
120 52 --- 66W 8GPM 40% 155W 13GPM 54% 289W 21GPM 64% 396W 30GPM 61% 527W 41GPM 59% 580W 54GPM 50%
150 65 18W 4GPM 18% 110W 9GPM 46% 223W 15GPM 55% 421W 24GPM 66% 576W 34GPM 63% 736W 46GPM 59% 847W 60GPM 52%
184 80 26W 4GPM 19% 166W 9GPM 53% 305W 16GPM 55% 600W 26GPM 70% 800W 37GPM 74% 911W 50GPM 62% 1018W 66GPM 53%
200 87 40W 4GPM 26% 194W 10GPM 55% 345W 17GPM 55% 702W 27GPM 72% 1042W 39GPM 74% --- ---
46 20 --- --- 19W 8GPM 28% 51W 12GPM 48% 78W 13GPM 51% 107W 25GPM 52% 143W 33GPM 50%
69 30 --- 22W 5GPM 31% 53W 9GPM 42% 107W 18GPM 54% 152W 23GPM 53% 215W 32GPM 55% 254W 42GPM 50%
100 43 --- 47W 7GPM 38% 90W 12GPM 43% 187W 19GPM 54% 264W 28GPM 53% 368W 37GPM 56% 443W 49GPM 50%

Please tell us your head, flow, pipe size and length, and battery voltage when ordering using the drop-down menus below.

DC cable length and voltage drop must be evaluated carefully when laying out system.  Click here for our simple voltage drop calculator.  If the turbine will be located far from the battery bank, voltage drop and wire cost can be reduced by using the 120Vdc generator with a step-down controller (such as the FM60 or FM80) at the battery bank.


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