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306A1   R306A1
306A   R306A

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Manual Transfer Switch
for use with Portable Power Systems
30 Amps, 6 circuits, 120V
30 Amps, 6 circuits, 120/240V

PRO/TRAN 2 by Reliance Controls
(and matching power cord)

Now you can safely connect a Battery Portable Power station (PPS) to a house breaker panel to provide instant automatic backup power in case of a grid outage. After installing the manual transfer switch you simply plug the PPS output cable into the generator inlet on the switch, turn on the PPS in UPS mode, and select the important house branch circuits that need backup power. When an outage occurs the PPS will immediately provide backup power to those circuits. Click the right thumbnail image above to see the wiring of the components.

The Reliance Controls PRO/TRAN
2 utilizes conventional 1-inch interchangeable circuit breakers. All models are UL Listed for all popular brands and types of breakers, including AFCI and GFCI. They can be easily re-configured in the field for multiple double pole circuits if needed. All models also include a hinged non-metallic protective cover which also provides a finished appearance. Optional new color-coded watt meters are included on many models, and assist in balancing the generator load. Like all Reliance Pro/Tran transfer switches, the PRO/TRAN2 is completely prewired for fast installation.

2 Series is UL Listed to UL Standard 1008 and is suitable for use in accordance with article 702 of the National Electrical Code ANSI/NFPA 70.


Switch Specifications

Model 306A1 R306A1 306A
Enclosure indoor outdoor indoor
Voltage 120VAC 120VAC 120/240VAC
Total Capacity 3,750 watts, 30 amps 3,750 watts, 30 amps 7,500 watts, 30 amps
Breakers Included (6) 15 Amp single pole (6) 15 Amp single pole (4) 15 Amp single pole
(1) 20 Amp double pole
Max Double Pole Circuits - 240VAC none none 2
Generator Inlet Connection NEMA L5-30P male
inlet plug-in
NEMA L5-30P male
inlet plug-in
NEMA L14-30P male
inlet plug-in
Generator Load Watt Meters Yes (1) Yes (1) Yes (2)
Enclosure Type indoor surface mounted indoor surface mounted indoor surface mounted
Flex Conduit Included 16 inch pre-wired 16 inch pre-wired 16 inch pre-wired
UL Listing / CSA certified UL1008
Origin Made in USA
Warranty Reliance Controls 24 month warranty


Ordering Table

Specs & Model Numbers
Prices last updated 1/3/2024
Shipping weights start at 9 lbs.
These items normally ship in approximately 2 weeks or less.

Model No. Breakers
Inlet for
Inlet Box
& Cordset
$ US
Order Button
Yes Yes No $286

Yes Yes No $307

Yes Yes No $288

Yes Yes No $324

Power Cords & Adapters

Adapter - 15 Amp 1875 Watt male 5-15P plug to female TT-30R RV connector. Fits between Portable Power System with 5-15R or 5-20R type receptacle and extension cord with male TT-30P plug to transfer switch.

free freight


Adapter Cord - 20 Amp 120V NEMA 5-20P male plug to L14-20R twist-lock female connector, approx 1 ft long. Fits between Portable Power System with 5-15R or 5-20R type receptacle and 20 Amp L1420 generator cord to transfer switch.

free freight


Power Cord - 30 Amp 3600 Watt 15' long #10/3 wire with male TT-30P plug and female L5-30R locking connector. Fits between Portable Power System with TT-30R RV type receptacle and Reliance switch with L5-30P male inlet.

free freight


Power Cord - 30 Amp 7200 Watt 10' long #10/3 wire with male L14-30P plug and female L14-30R locking connector. Fits between Portable Power System with L14-30R receptacle and Reliance switch with L14-30P male inlet.


* Most Portable Power Stations are NOT rated for outdoor use in bad weather. Make sure the connecting cord is long enough to reach through an open window or door while in use.



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