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EcoFlow DELTA Pro Portable Power Station
3600W 3600Wh 120Vac


Product Features:


About EcoFlow

Our vision is to power a new world. It's a call to the future— an aspirational, technology-driven, eco-friendly future shared by everyone. Our mission from day one is to provide smart and eco-friendly energy solutions for individuals, families, and society at large. We are, were, and will continue to be a reliable and trusted energy companion for users around the world. EcoFlow was born out of the dream of a group of battery engineers in 2017. Amid the global transition towards renewable energy, we lead the way forward with industry-leading portable power products, solar technology, and smart home energy solutions.
As of 2023 EcoFlow products are currently available in 100+ countries with over 2.5 million users.


System Specs

Power Output 3600 Watts continuous
7200 Watts surge
Voltage Output 120 Vac pure sine wave
Output Receptacles

(1) NEMA L1430R 30A 120/240V also available when using optional Double Voltage Hub

(4) NEMA 5-20R 20A 120VAC (standard wall type)
(1) NEMA TT-30R 30A 120VAC (RV type)
(1) 12Vdc car
(2) USB-C
(4) USB-A
(2) DC5521
(1) Anderson
Battery Chemistry LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
Battery Capacity 3600 Watt-hours (internal)
3600 Watt-hours (optional external, 1 or 2)
Battery Life 3500 charge-discharge cycles to end of life of 80% capacity (approximately 10 years expected)
Battery Recharging Sources 1800W 120VAC from wall outlet
3000W 240VAC
optional 1600W solar maximum (11-150VDC, 15A)
UPS Mode Yes, with <30 ms transfer time
Controls and Monitoring advanced 22 parameter LCD control panel on unit
smart Wi-Fi / Bluetooth mobile app
Dimensions 25 x 12.2 x 16.4 in
Weight 99 lb

For additional details see the User Manual at this link.

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Remote Control Panel
External battery DELTA-PRO-EB (2 maximum)
Double Voltage Hub
DELTA-PRO-DV (for 120/240VAC 7200W output with 2 DELTA Pro units)
Manual Transfer Switch 306A1 (120V for single DELTA Pro) or 306A (120/240V for 2 DELTA Pro with Double Voltage Hub)
Output Cord to switch
(for single DELTA Pro) or PC3010M (for 2 DELTA Pro with Double Voltage Hub)
Solar Panels (3) EF-400 maximum


Item Number: DELTA-PRO
Price: $2,999
Price last updated 4/2/2024
Shipping Weight: 99 lbs.
This item ships with free ground freight to the USA 48 states.
This item normally ships in approximately 1 week or less.


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