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Xtreme XVRT
Line Interactive UPS Systems


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XVRT Series UPS System
1000-3000VA/900-2700W, 120Vac
tower/rack mounting model


XVRT 1-3kVA Line Interactive UPS

Xtreme value and optimized network grade power protection

As the value leader in power protection, Xtreme Power Conversion Corporation provides uptime and data center solutions that solve "real world" customer problems. Recognizing that the status quo of overpriced availability solutions had to be challenged, Xtreme Power Conversion provides more product features and benefits at prices never before achieved in the market.

The Xtreme Value Rack/Tower Series (XVRT) UPS provides the ideal power protection solution for servers, VOIP equipment, business telephone systems, desktops and other network grade equipment. The XVRT Series is comprised of four models: 1000VA, 1500VA, 2200VA, and 3000VA. The XVRT uninterruptible power supplies eliminate physical form factor questions with the unique ability to tower mount, rack mount or wall mount. User's can feel confident that these UPS' will fit virtually anywhere in their network. Xtreme Value is achieved by providing features commonly available in UPS of twice the cost, or more. Thus, these feature rich, line interactive, network grade UPS are provided at prices commonly seen in standby UPS. Xtreme features, Xtreme Reliability and more VA for the money make the XVRT Series the best choice in network power protection.


  • Line Interactive Technology
    Ensures maximum battery life
  • Multi Form Factor
    Tower/Rack mounting and wall mounting (option) ensure physical compatibility with the powering environment
  • Multiple Communications Capability
    RS232, USB (via cable) and SNMP communications allow for maximum interactivity between the UPS and IT system
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (Boost & Buck)
    Assures that your power load is safely regulated and protected
  • Intuitive LED Display
    Provides realtime UPS operational status
  • 50/60Hz Frequency Auto sensing
    Frequency intelligence automatically senses incoming power
  • Hot Swappable, User replaceable batteries
    Decreases downtime and ensures network availability
  • Tel/Data Protection
    1 in 1 out RJ45 surge protection ensures the data network is protected
  • UPS Monitoring Software
    Award winning UPSMON allows provides an intuitive software interface
  • Short Circuit and Overload Protection
    Provides "Peace of Mind" that the network and UPS will be protected during extreme circumstances

Typical Applications

  • Server Support
  • Telephony Switch Support
  • Telecom Equipment
    • Business Telephone Systems
    • IP Telephony
  • Switching Equipment
  • Networking Equipment Support such as
    • Hubs
    • Routers
    • Gateways
    • Wireless Networking Equipment
  • Data Center Equipment


UPS Systems
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UPS - XVRT series, 3 min internal battery backup at FL 50/60Hz

1000/600 120V pure sine rack/tower    

UPS - XVRT series, 3 min internal battery backup at FL 50/60Hz

1500/900 120V pure sine rack/tower    

UPS - XVRT series, 3 min internal battery backup at FL 50/60Hz

2200/1320 120V pure sine rack/tower    

UPS - XVRT series, 3 min internal battery backup at FL 50/60Hz

3000/1800 120V pure sine rack/tower    

UPS Accessories



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External SNMP/Web card

XVRT series UPS systems    
XPRT-ARR2 Adjustable 4-post Rail Kit XPRT+XVRT series UPS systems 3000VA max    
XBDM-1015LV Bypass Distribution Module - 15A 120V, NEMA 5-15P line cord, (10)NEMA 5-15R output receptacles XPRT+XVRT+P90+P90L series 1000VA & 1500VA UPS systems    
XBDM-1020LV Bypass Distribution Module - 20A 120V, NEMA 5-20P line cord, (10)NEMA 5-20R output receptacles XPRT+XVRT+P90+P90L series 2000VA UPS systems    
XBDM-1030LV Bypass Distribution Module - 30A 120V, NEMA L5-30P line cord, (10)NEMA 5-20R output receptacles XPRT+XVRT+P90+P90L series 3000VA UPS systems    




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