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PW5125-5000 used UPS System

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front view
UPS with PDU/transformer module and
battery module
front view
covers off
rear cable
(it is simpler
than it looks)
recent photo of actual system recent photo of actual system, batt trays out optional home backup system

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UPS System
5000VA/4500 watt, 120/240VAC


UPS system made in 2005 and used till 2008.  Out of use since 2008.  Batteries need to be replaced.  The UPS internal batteries consist of two trays of (10)58700033 at 12V each for a total string of 240Vdc.  These individual batteries normally sell on the internet for around $15 each but sometimes can be found for as little as $7 each.

Included with the UPS module is a transformer module (PDU) that converts the 240V output to split-phase 120/240V to match residential and small commercial electrical service voltages in North America.

Also included is an extended run-time external battery module.  It plugs into the back of the UPS and it's use is optional.  It's batteries also need to be replaced if it will be used.


System Specs

System AC Line Input Voltage 240VAC nominal (160-288VAC limits)
System AC Line Input Frequency 60Hz +4Hz
AC Line Circuit Capacity 30 amps 240VAC recommended
20 amps 240VAC minimum (if load is limited)
System DC Voltage & Battery Bank - see NOTE 3 240 VDC nominal
(20) 12V 7.2Ah internal batteries
(20) 12V 9.0Ah batteries per external module
Inverter Power Output Rating 5000VA / 4500 Watts continuous
5500VA / 5000 Watts surge for 2 minutes
>5600VA / >5100 Watts for 0.2 seconds
will start 3/4hp well pump motor - see NOTE 2
System output voltage (on inverter) 120/240VAC +5%
pure sine wave
<7% THD with typical power factor load
Automatic Transfer Time 4 milliseconds typical
System efficiency 95%
Approximate Battery Run-Time
See NOTE 4
internal battery only 500VA/450 watts average
1000VA/900 watts average
2000VA/1800 watts average
2.2 hours
1.5 hours
0.7 hours
1 optional external battery module 500VA/450 watts average
1000VA/900 watts average
2000VA/1800 watts average
6.5 hours
2.8 hours
1.3 hours
2 optional external battery modules 500VA/450 watts average
1000VA/900 watts average
2000VA/1800 watts average
11.6 hours
5.0 hours
2.3 hours
3 optional external battery modules 500VA/450 watts average
1000VA/900 watts average
2000VA/1800 watts average
17.3 hours
7.5 hours
3.4 hours
4 optional external battery modules 500VA/450 watts average
1000VA/900 watts average
2000VA/1800 watts average
23.5 hours
10.2 hours
4.5 hours
Battery Charger Rating 3-5A at 240Vdc nominal (approx 1000 watts)
Approximate Battery Recharge Time Internal battery: 3 hours to 80% usable capacity
External Batteries: no more than 15X discharge time
Indicators (red/green/flash/audible alarm) - Power On LED
- Site wiring fault LED
- Battery Service LED
- On Battery LED
- General Alarm LED
- Load Level LEDs (5)
Communication Ports 
(work with included LanSafe software)
- USB port with cable
- DB9 Communication port with cable
Surge Suppression
(active in both normal and bypass modes)
ANSI C62.41 Category B3
EN 61000-4-5 Level 3, Criteria B
Audible Noise (UPS module) <45dbA normal mode with typical load
<50dbA in battery mode
Environmental Ratings 10C to 40C operating (25C optimal for batteries)
-25C to +55C transient
5% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
2,000 meters elevation above sea level max
System will function at reduced performance outside the operating range.
Dimensions & Weights
(all are 3U 5.25" H x 17.5" W)
- UPS module 26" D, 161 lbs
- transformer module 26" D, 106 lbs
- optional battery modules 26" D, 169 lbs
Warranty by Manufacturer - 2 years parts & labor
- 10 years pro-rated

UL Listed, cUL, CE

3 - Under normal conditions batteries should last at least 3-5 years.  Replacement batteries are available and can be installed by user.
4 - Battery run-time is not linear.  At half the stated electrical load the run-time will be MORE than double the original value.

System is sold as-is and can be shipped with or without the batteries.




Item Number: 5125-5000USED
Price: $300
Price last updated 11/14/2015
Shipping Weight: 500 lbs.
This item normally ships in approximately 2 days or less.


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