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Clean Power

Generators from DeVilbiss Air Power Company produce less electrical voltage and current distortion than many competitive models.  Distortion of the pure AC sine wave consists of unusable electricity that can sometimes damage appliances like computers and can cause motor loads to overheat.

Alternators used in DeVilbiss generators are designed with rotor damper bars and skewed stator slots to reduce electrical distortion to one-half the amount produced by competitive models.  The brushless design means low friction operation, less radio frequency interference and no carbon brushes or slip rings to wear out.  Metal ball bearing supports provide reliability and long life.

Dv-clen1.gif (7738 bytes)

Compare the electrical wave form of DeVilbiss generators to the competition.   DeVilbiss generators produce electricity that is more consistent with a true sine wave like that normally provided by your local utility company.

Wave form distortion can occur when generators produce frequencies that deviate from the desired 60 hertz.  Frequency variations can be displayed graphically.   Compare the frequency spectrum of DeVilbiss generators with a competitor's measured output.  The competition produces significantly more unwanted frequencies.

Dv-clen2.gif (11282 bytes)


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